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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

British singer AMY WINEHOUSE almost revealed more than her soul while performing in Los Angeles last night (19MAR07) when she suffered an onstage wardrobe malfunction.
Wearing a figure-hugging teal dress, tipsy Winehouse took to the stage at the Roxy Theatre after partying with record company officials. And she almost treated fans to a real eyeful when she found herself spilling out of her dress less than a song into her act. Fan DAVID MILLS says, "This dress was sliding all over the place and she kept wrestling with it throughout the first number. "Then her left nipple appeared to pop out and she spent the rest of the song trying to adjust everything.

"But she was very professional. She kept singing and the slip up didn't seem to phase her one bit."

Fans half expected Winehouse to play up to her past drunken antics that have turned her into a headline maker in her native Britain. But one concertgoer explains, "She came out with a drink in her hand and had obviously been partying."