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Monday, March 19, 2007

Model Naomi Campbell will walk a different kind of floor this week and supermodel probably won't be wearing stiletto heels when she begins her five days of community service in New York starting this morning. Naomi Campbell is being forced to do five days of cleaning for hitting her maid with a cell phone. Campbell faced a possible penalty of up to seven years in prison - Naomi was initially charged with felony assault - so, five days of cleaning may not look so bad.

The Associated Press reports that Naomi Campbell will pick up a mop, starting this morning, and help clean a Manhattan garage. Campbell will avoid most of the spotlight, after Naomi's attorneys made sure that their client wouldn't suffer through what Boy George did when he was forced to clean streets in the public and camera's eye. Naomi Campbell will work indoors all week at the Manhattan District 3 Garage, Pier 36. Campbell even got a delay in her community service after the sentencing so she could attend a few fashion shows.

According to CBS, Naomi Campbell was in her apartment at 500 Park Ave. last year and the model was having a particularly bad day. Campbell couldn't find a beloved pair of jeans and Naomi accused her housekeeper, Ana Scolavino, of stealing them. Naomi Campbell then threw her jewel-encrusted cell phone at her. The lesson of the story is don't let jeans rage get the best of you or you'll end up cleaning NYC floors.

Ana Scolavino needed five stitches after Naomi Campbell beaned her with a cell phone and Campbell initially pleaded guilty, but her lawyer always played down the incident. David Breitbart, Campbell' attorney, told the press, "She did throw a phone, but that doesn't mean she threw it at someone. But someone was accidentally hit as a result of it."

This year, for the Ana Scolavino case, Naomi Campbell was sentenced to five days of community service, which starts today, two days of anger management training, which are scheduled for this weekend at a Department of Probation-approved facility, and $381 in medical costs for Ana Scolavino.

This was the second guilty plea from Naomi in recent years, as Campbell also pleaded guilty to hitting a personal assistant with her phone in 2000. The charge stemmed from a 1998 assault on Georgina Galanis. The assistant claimed that not only did Naomi Campbell hit her with a phone in a hotel room but that she threatened to throw her out of a moving car. Keep Naomi Campbell away from phones. This was actually the fourth complaint against Naomi Campbell. In 2005, Naomi allegedly slapped assistant Amanda Brack and, according to Playfuls, Campbell reportedly hit Brack in the head with a BlackBerry handheld personal organizer. Brack went further than handheld assault, claiming that Naomi Campbell was guilty of assault, battery, false imprisonment, and infliction of emotional distress.