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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Music and drugs are two things that can never be seperated. There is a history of music stars being involved in drug abuse. And the latest one to join the list is Kyle Falconer, leading singer and songwriter of the Dundee based rock band The View. The Dundee band, which has received an NME award, debuted at the top of the UK album charts earlier this year.
Falconer has been fined for possessing £150 worth of cocaine, a class A drug. He was arrested in the early hours of the morning after the group had performed at a Dundee university last August.

The 19-year-old rockstar drove north to Dundee for the court appearance during the early hours of Friday morning after the indie rockers received an NME award on Thursday night. He appeared at the city’s Sheriff Court and pleaded guilty to possession of the class A drug.
Despite pleas from his lawyer, sheriff Paul Arthurson handed the £1,000 fine to Falconer for possessing 2.595 grams (0.1oz) of cocaine worth £150. Billy Boyle, the band’s defence agent, told the court that the drug had been handed over to Falconer by music industry insiders who had been at that evening’s gig and Falconer had not taken any of the substance and had simply left it in his pocket.
Mr. Boyle asked for an absolute discharge for Falconer as a conviction would make it hard for him to get a visa to tour North America. The band has already had a number one album in the UK countdown and and had planned for a promotional tour aimed at breaking the lucrative US market.
This drug conviction has struck the band like a thunderbolt. Mr Boyle said:
A drugs conviction would make it hard for Falconer to get a US visa and the launch of the band’s hit album, Hats Off To The Buskers, has already been delayed in North America.
But past experiences have shown us that the more a music star is involved in convictions and trials, the more successful he becomes professionally.
Mr. Falconer we will keep our fingers crossed till then.