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Monday, March 19, 2007

Vida Guerra has challenged rapper The Game to a televised lie-detector test to prove he's making up stories about a romance with her. Guerra, who is in the middle of launching her own music career, is furious about reports she dated The Game and is sickened by sexual claims the rap star made about her on radio host Flexmaster Flex's show.

The sexy Latina hisses, "He needs to wake up and get out of his fantasy world... I challenge him to a lie-detector test. We can do it on TV or the radio."

Guerra feels The Game's comments stem from an incident when she turned down a date with the rap star. She tells magazine King, "I met him last year at Jamie Foxx's Christmas party and we exchanged email addresses... It was all for business. Then he started asking me out. I was saying, 'I'm busy' - trying to be nice and sugar coat it. Then he goes, 'Why you running away from me?'"

But the last straw for Guerra came when The Game "dissed" her in his hit song “Wouldn't Get Far” and then hinted he had enjoyed a sexual encounter with the pin-up on a radio show. Guerra blasts, "You try to get with a girl, she turns you down and you gotta be all hurt about it and start dissing her... Obviously the rejection was so bad that now he's making up s**t."