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Monday, April 30, 2007

The 46-year-old actress Daryl Hannah doesn't want to go down the same route as Angelina Jolie and Madonna and adopt from a different country, because Daryl Hannah believes there are too many children in the US who need a home.

Daryl Hannah
said: "There are more than half a million children here in the US who need to be adopted or need homes, so-called 'hard to adopt kids' because they're not babies and come from troubled backgrounds, so I think that's probably the way I'd go."The ardent environmentalist revealed she is often approached by celebrities wanting advice on how to 'go green'.
Daryl Hannah said: "A couple of days ago, I was at a party at Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas' house for Al Gore to celebrate his Oscar-winning film 'An Inconvenient Truth'."Penelope Cruz and Leonardo DiCaprio were there and loads more stars.Melanie and Antonio's 10-year-old daughter Stella has convinced them to 'green' their houses, so I'm going to help them get solar power in their five homes and get their cars on biodiesel."

Gemma Atkinson one of the 'Hollyoaks' star wants to become the next Jordan.
The pretty blonde, who had her breasts surgically enhanced to a curvy 34D last year, has become a lads' mag favourite since leaving the popular Channel 4 soap, and has her sights set on being as big as Britain's leading glamour girl.The 22-year-old told Britain's Soaplife magazine: "I'm going to keep doing sexy shoots. While I look the way I do, it would be foolish not to. I can be as successful as Jordan."The saucy star, who recently took part in ITV1's 'Soapstar Superstar', is currently lending her fabulous figure to feature in a fire safety campaign.Gemma revealed: " It's to promote Rustlers' Eat Late, Eat Safe campaign.

"We want to cut the amount of kitchen fires caused by people trying to cook after a night out. We say don't use the grill or oven - use a microwave instead."
Gemma Atkinson, who was recently linked with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, can be seen posing in sexy lingerie, teamed with a fireman's jacket and hardhat in the steamy campaign aimed at men who will recognise her from the likes of Zoo and Nuts magazines.

Victoria Beckham and hubby David Beckham are no longer a part of the LA homeless problem. They have finally bought a luxury mansion in Los Angeles. The soccer star and his wife paid a whopping $20 million for the six-bedroom property in Beverly Hills. But it was the spicy ex spice girl's breasts display that created a buzz over the weekend. She was snapped by photogs and the girls were on display.

It was the now not so subtle black top, with bright flashbulbs that brought out the show from the former Posh Spice Queen Vic's headlights were on high beam today as she arrived in LA, reportedly to get to work on decorating the new $20 million Beckham castle in Beverly Hills. Believe it or not, Vicki was actually wearing a bra -- nude color, underwire, to be exact, but with all the flashes on her thin black sleeveless sweater, there's just no secret what's underneath.

Oh - yes - about the house - reports that the celebrity pair shunned the bigger mansions, favoring the relatively smaller home for their family of five.

A source says, "It's a very classy property with some of the most sensational views... They went for just six bedrooms and Victoria was anxious to create a modest, cozy family environment." According to a real estate agent, "It's in an amazing location and the views are to die for."

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The 'Resident Evil' star and her fiancé, writer-and-director Paul Anderson, are expecting their first child this autumn.Her representative confirmed the happy news and said the couple were "thrilled".the 31-year-old supermodel and the 41-year-old filmmaker - who wrote and directed all three 'Resident Evil' films - met on the set of the first horror movie. They have had an on-off engagement for four years.Milla told Us Weekly magazine: "He got me an antique ring and he proposed four years ago but we broke up in between.
"I was training for a film at the time and I was unable to train with the ring he got me, so I asked him to get me a more casual, smaller ring and he bought one for me.
"We haven't set a date yet. We talk about it casually. I have a good girlfriend in Italy. She is part of an ancient Italian family and they have a castle so we are hoping to get married there."
It will be Paul's first marriage while the 'Fifth Element' star has been married twice before.
She married director Luc Besson in 1997 and in 1992 she eloped to Las Vegas with her 'Dazed and Confused' co-star Shawn Andrews when she was just 16. Her mother had the marriage annulled a month later.
Paul, who directed 2004's 'AVP: Alien vs. Predator', is about to begin directing thriller 'Man with the Football'.

Movie star Christina Ricci threatened to quit her acting career if she didn't land her role in latest movie Black Snake Moan. The actress claims producers originally snubbed her for the role of sex-crazed character Rae because they believed she could not pull it off.But the 27-year-old knew the role was perfect for her.
She says, "I just felt really passionate about the subject matter and the issues. If ever there was a role that could point out the reason I'm an actress it was this one.
"I even told my therapist, if I didn't get the part, I was going to quit because I would have no idea what it was that people in the industry wanted from me."

Monday, April 23, 2007

Keira Knightley feels "liberated" filming sex scenes.The 22-year-old actress - who first bared her breasts when she was just 15 in 'The Hole' - says stripping off for her steamy love scenes with co-star Edgar Ramirez in 'Domino' was easy.
She said: "Sex scenes are easy. I don't really have a problem with them.
"Actually it's quite liberating in the movie 'Domino' to be out in the middle of the desert completely topless with a beautiful Venezuelan guy. I was very lucky."
Keira - who also appears topless as the wife of a 19th century silkworm smuggler in new movie 'Silk' - used a bottom double in 'Domino' because she is insecure about her butt.
However, Keira is proud of her pert breasts and is always happy to show them off.
She said: "I did have a body double for my bum but not on my top. I don't have a problem with that."

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Drew Barrymore grew up with tear sheets of models such as Cheryl Tiegs, Rachel Hunter and Christie Brinkley plastered on her bedroom wall like wallpaper. Come January, another young girl can do the same with Barrymore's photo.Barrymore is CoverGirl's newest model and spokeswoman, joining a stable of famous faces that includes her former idols and, more recently, Queen Latifah, Molly Sims and Rihanna.Her selection by the Procter & Gamble Co.

beauty brand was to be announced Wednesday at a news conference in Los Angeles.The 32-year-old "Charlie's Angels" actress is also a co-creator of the ads, and before any wardrobe or beauty decisions were made at Monday's print shoot, Barrymore said she was consulting on the concept, graphics, lighting and how the photo would be cropped."I leave the makeup and product up to them, that's their expertise," she told The Associated Press in a phone interview from the set. "What I want to do is honour the tradition of CoverGirl but hopefully bring myself and my personality into it, as well as some edgy fashion-forward thinking and positivity to it."Look for her in a nude-coloured dress, which, Barrymore explained, is a contrast to the bright colours often used in cosmetics ads."I like to be involved in every aspect. I'm a control freak but I keep those issues at bay when I work with other people," she said with a laugh.It's Barrymore's strength that led the company to seek her out."We partnered with Drew because she emulates the iconic image of CoverGirl with her fresh, natural beauty and energetic yet authentic spirit," said Esi Eggleston Bracey, vice president and general manager of CoverGirl Cosmetics North America.Barrymore said she loved the chance to play with makeup
and try modelling. "What girl doesn't fantasize about it?" she said.At the same time, she's more of a jeans and T-shirt girl; literally what she was wearing on this day along with Vans sneakers.It is Barrymore's first foray into commercials.She even surprised herself, but the thought of being a CoverGirl still popped into her mind months after she was approached, Barrymore said. She took that at as a good sign.
Now Drew Barrymore becomes the newest face of CoverGirl cosmetics joining Cheryl Tiegs, Rachel Hunter, Christie Brinkley, and Tyra Banks.

“I am honored to be associated with a brand that has been at the forefront of their industry for almost 55 years,” Barrymore said in a release.

“CoverGirl had managed to change with the times, yet stay in touch with women of all ages and backgrounds.”

In a first for the Proctor & Gamble-owned brand, a cover girl will go behind the camera to direct the commercial, Fashion Wire Daily informed.

“Drew is a wonderful addition to the CoverGirl family and her role – both in front of the camera and behind the scenes as co-creative director – is new and different for the cosmetics industry,” noted Esi Eggleston Bracey, vice president and general manager for CoverGirl Cosmetics.

But this isn’t the first time Barrymore has used her face for a campaign. In 1993 she worked for Guess Jeans and more recently was the face for Missoni.

• Russian theatre to stage a ballet about Princess Diana
• Arnold Schwarzenegger and his eco MTV car

Chris Rock is coursed by a woman who claims he’s her 13-year-old baby’s daddy.
one news channel has learned that 36-year-old Kali Bowyer, who Rock never denied having a fling with several years before he met wife Malaak, has an extensive criminal past riddled with numerous bizarre police encounters, and a penchant for telling wild stories.

According to a thick stack of government obtained documents, Bowyer was convicted of DUI in Georgia, charged with theft by deception last summer, and is facing charges of running an elaborate cell phone scam.

And it doesn’t end there! In the last two years, more than ten incident reports detail some truly strange encounters with police, including one in which cops say she claimed to have been held at gunpoint and forced to “ingest some white powder,” a tale which her own son contradicted under questioning. Bad checks, domestic disturbances, and several veracity-questionable incidents left police scratching their heads.

Bowyer first popped up ten years ago when the boy in question was 3-years-old, claiming that Rock was the dad, but then she disappeared after Rock agreed to a DNA test. Though she’s claims that the comedian’s the dad, Bowyer oddly didn’t list Rock on the birth certificate.

Yesterday, Rock indicated that he would still take a DNA test to determine paternity, even offering to help support the child if he is, in fact, the dad.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

For all of you who were so excited about the possibility of a Lauren Conrad disappointment seems inevitable. The latest reports indicate the homemade flick isn’t even going to hit store shelves.

Lauren, meanwhile, should be overjoyed seeing that she really didn’t seem like she wanted it to be released in the first place. Jason Wahler, however, didn’t mind, as long as he got a some cash to help out with his court fees.
According to a source that spoke to TMZ, the tape is “very vanilla” with “nothing hard core.” The tape basically consists of the two “messing around” and nothing else.

According to Hollyscoop, SugarDVD originally offered the duo $500,000, but are retracting their offer because of Jason Wahler’s recent behavior.

“We refuse to support any person who feels that it is in any way acceptable to rattle off racial slurs and slanderous language about African-American people, people and the police department.”

It’s probably better off this way. From the sounds of it, the video wouldn’t be worth eager onlookers’ money in the first place.

Last evening, Heidi Klum and Karolina Kurkova celebrated the announcement of the Victoria’s Secret rundown of sexy stars.

According to Monica Mitro, a spokeswoman for the intimate apparel company, it’s not just how a person looks thaThe complete list of sexy entertainers and athletes was announced Thursday. Pop sensation Justin Timberlake was named the sexiest male musician; Jessica Alba, who starred in Sin City, was dubbed the sexiest actress; and David Beckham, who has three sons with his wife, Victoria, was adorned the title of world’s sexiest dad.

That being said, Victoria’s Secret also announced the celebrity body parts that rank the sexiest in their book. Winners included the smile of Josh Duhamel, the lips of Jennifer Hudson, the legs of

Cameron diaz
and the eyes of Adrian Grenier.Other sexy celebs included: Eric Dane (actor), Carrie Underwood (female musician), speed racer Danica Patrick (female athlete), Yankee Derek Jeter (male athlete), Kate Hudson (mom), and Jay-Z and Beyonce (couple). t creates sex appeal. “Sexy is about how you are as a person,” Mitro said.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Paris Hilton has been showing off her new bigger sized boobs ... don't tell me you haven't noticed! She's been showing them off for some time now!
Naturally, everyone assumed they are new implants ... fake boobs! But it seems Paris isn't hapy with these rumors & wants to prove that it's all natural.
So, what would you do in this case? to prove your boobs are natural? ... You guessed it: Flash them to everyone that asks!
So what, is that the magical work of a miracle wonder bra?

A friend said: "One night she got so fed up with the girls talking about her in the ladies room of an LA club that she pulled open her top and showed the lot of them that she's hiding nothing but a very expensive bra."

Jenna Jameson has revealed her secret battle with skin cancer caused her to lose her baby. Jenna - the world's most famous adult movie star - was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2004 and was two-months pregnant at the time.

But the next day, Jenna suffered a miscarriage - which doctors believe was brought on by the stress of learning she had cancer.

The star told Us Weekly magazine: "If the pregnancy would have lasted, I wouldn't have had the surgery. So it was all in God's plan."
Jenna, 33, had visited a dermatologist to have some veins on her back treated when, by chance, an abnormal mole was discovered.

The star was shocked to discover it was a malignant melanoma.

Since having surgery the actress has been cancer-free.

Jenna's mother, Judith, died from skin cancer before Jenna was two years old.

Judith had worked as a Las Vegas showgirl, which inspired Jenna to work as a dancer before moving into the adult movie industry.

Lindsay Lohan discovered she is a highly "sexual" person, after craving sex in rehab. The actress - responding to rumours she sent a text message to friend Brody Jenner about her cravings for sex and junk food in rehab - insists she enjoys an active sex life.

Lindsay - who is rumoured to be in a lesbian relationship with her DJ friend Samantha Ronson - told Allure magazine: "I'm a sexual person - everyone is, I think. And once a month I'm a McDonald's person. Everything in moderation."

The 20-year-old, who was treated for alcoholism at Los Angeles' Wonderland Center in January, stayed at the Hollywood clinic for 30 days because it made her "feel safe".

Heidi Klume has been incredibly hot for a LONG time. Her smoking hot body will go down in celebrity sleaze history as the best ever.

If that first retro glamor shot of her doesn't do it for you, you might want to consider handing in your man card. She is one of the few perfect women alive today.

And I totally dig her tribute to "fast times at ridgemont high".

Hollywood starlet Christina Ricci insists she will keep her clothes on in upcoming films after shooting steamy scenes in a recent movie left her exhausted.

The 27-year-old was completely drained after filming the intimate scenes with Justin Timberlake in Black Snake Moan.

Ricci says, "I've had enough sex for the next two years of my career with this movie."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Charlotte Church’s mum has said Charlotte will not marry her boyfriend Gavin Henson before their baby is born in the autumn.

The couple were previously rumoured to be planning a wedding for later this month but Charlotte’s mum Maria has now told Reveal magazine: “I can assure everyone that Charl and Gav are not getting married before the baby comes.”

“Charl certainly won’t want to walk down the aisle a pregnant bride. This is 2007, not 1807.”

“She and Gav want to take their time and do it right - not be forced into a wedding.”

“And if she ever decided to sneak off and get married without us, me and Gav’s mum and dad would kill them both!”

Lindsay Lohan Moves from Men to Women?

Sorry, didn't mean to wake you.

Important? No, not really.

Just that another over-exposed star is in the lesbian area again.

After Drew Barrymore, Carmen Electra, Natalie Portman, Dolly of Parton and hundreds of others, Lindsay Lohan is the latest to show Sapphic tendencies.

It's Lesbian Story Mark 2 - "friend" or "ex-lover" of star makes with the goods to the press.

Former publicist Jonathan Jaxson wrote in his blog:

"Lindsay actually has always been quite open. Maybe she was tired of the boys and that is why she decided to spice it up with BFF (best friend forever) Samantha Ronson."

Yada. At least it makes a nice change from Lesbian Story Mark 1 - publicity-hungry celeb "lets slip" in the course of a promotional interview that she has/might/thinks about/would consider doing it with another lady.

Though of course the phrase "former publicist" is not quite as believable as, say, a nun.

But there you go - the tabloids get yet another opportunity to picture sexy celeb pics and str8 men everywhere get something else to think about while they exercise their democratic rights.

It's no surprise that Lindsay Lohan is very comfortable with her sexuality. There are rumors floating around on the net that Lilo might be more than just friends with dj/bff Samantha Ronson.

Former Hollywood publicist Jonathan Jaxson says, “Maybe she was tired of the boys and that is why she decided to spice it up with BFF Samantha Ronson,” notes Jaxson.

But another source dismisses the talk. “Oh, please, that’s silly,” says the source. “Lindsay just loves to have fun and mix it up a bit.”

What do you guys think? Is Lohan hooking up with Ronson or are they just girlfriends hanging out?

Lindsay Lohan is rumoured to be having a lesbian affair.

The ‘Mean Girls’ star – who is currently in Japan for a fashion shoot – is said to be more than just friends with DJ Samantha Ronson, who has accompanied her on her trip.

Former publicist Jonathan Jaxson wrote in his blog at “Lindsay actually has always been quite open. Maybe she was tired of the boys and that is why she decided to spice it up with BFF (best friend forever) Samantha Ronson.

“Now I would have no bad things to say about either if Samantha wasn’t deeply involved in alcohol and drugs. Not the best influence for a rehabbed Lindsay Lohan.”

Jaxson claims Lindsay and Samantha’s fledgling same-sex romance has been confirmed by his sources.

Lindsay, 20, arrives in London next month to begin shooting ‘The Best Time of Our Lives’ - a biopic about the love life of poet Dylan Thomas - alongside Keira Knightley.

photographs of British supermodel Kate Moss are expected to sell for a total of $74,000, when they are auctioned off in London at the end of next month. Two naked portraits of the catwalk star, a 1996 print by Irving Penn, and a six foot square photograph by Albert Watson, are thought to raise about $44,000 and $30,000 respectively at the May 31 sale at London auction house Christie's.

Other photos to go under the hammer next month include a set of six prints of the 33-year-old without make-up, taken by Chuck Close, which is estimated to go for $40,000; an unpublished photo of the model when she was 16 and an image of Moss shot by Corinne Day in 1993 for the cover of Vogue fashion magazine.

Christie's head of photography, Yuka Yamaji, hailed Moss as "a cultural icon and arguably the most influential model of our day" when the announcement was made yesterday afternoon.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will marry in the Dominican Republic after adopting another child reports Entertainment Wise.
Gossips claim the couple will get married after adopting an African child.
According OK! magazine, Brad is "is more than happy to move forward with wedding plans."
"Angelina feels that now is the right time to take their relationship to another level."
Meanwhile, Brad has reportedly banned Angelina from adopting again in the
near future.
The 'Ocean's Thirteen' actor thinks he and his partner should concentrate on
the children they already have before extending their family again.
A source said: "Brad couldn't be more proud of Angelina and their family but
he wants time to invest a little in what they have already.
"Brad is not against having more children, adopted or otherwise. Angelina
wants more but he has suggested they should wait a while - a couple of years
maybe - before adding to their family again."
Angelina, 31, and Brad, 43, have a daughter together, Shiloh, who was born
last May. They also have two adopted children - five-year-old Maddox and
two-year-old Zahara. Angelina adopted a three-year-old Vietnamese boy, Pax
Thien, last month. Brad is not named on the adoption papers because the
couple are not married.
In other news, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are buying a £70million yacht.
The Hollywood couple are said to be splashing out the enormous sum on a
luxury 240ft-long three-deck yacht, which they have reportedly ordered from
a company near Rome.
Brad and Angelina will have a choice of six en suite bedrooms on board the
lavish ship, decorated with marble and gold fittings. The mega-yacht will
also boast a helicopter pad, swimming pool and gym.
And finally, a leading Hollywood surgeon has told Australian specialists most women seeking cosmetic surgery want to look like Angelina Jolie.
The US movie star has the most requested look - exaggerated, almost cartoonish lips, eyes and cheek bones - desired by American women wanting a nip and tuck, Professor Ava Shamban says.
"Angelina Jolie, with her exquisite looks, is the current gold standard of beauty in the states and in the West in general right now," said Prof Shamban, who has appeared on the chat show Oprah and the reality TV series Extreme Makeover.
"And that's not about to change. The exotic look, like (actresses) Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz, is here to stay, and Angelina is the ultimate embodiment of that."

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fallen "Idol" Alaina Alexander is on the sidelines now, but she's definitely not out of the game. The recently brunetted singer played a small gig last week at Hollywood's famous Cat Club on the Sunset Strip.
Alaina's plan is to play "a gig a month," so if you missed this one, you're sure to catch the sometimes pitchy singer strumming at some other venue. Our recommendation for her next show: less clothes!

Oscar winner Halle Berry will "never say never" to marrying boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, despite her previous failed unions almost destroying her desire to wed. Berry and Aubry have been dating since they met at a Versace photoshoot in November 2005, and although her two marriages to baseball player David Justice and singer Eric Benet both ended in divorce, she admits the "door could be open" with Aubry.

She says, "You should never say never, but I've done it twice and failed. You can't say I don't know what I'm talking about. It just doesn't work for me.

"I'm a relationship orientated person. I'm just going to redefine that relationship and it won't be a legal document. I'll have a committed relationship with my partner and hopefully I'll find someone to do life with."

But the former beauty queen admits she is enjoying her current relationship, adding, "Everything's good. I'm still getting to know him, and I'll probably spend the rest of my life - or however long our paths are crossing - getting to know him. It's a long process."

Hollywood actresses Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley will set screens alight when they film a steamy threesome for their new movie Best Time Of Our Lives, according to reports.

The film, about Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, will see Lohan portray Thomas' wife Caitlin MacNamara, while Knightley will star as the poet's childhood friend, Vera Phillips.

And lead actor Matthew Rhys has tantalised male fans by hinting at a "menage a trois" involving the two beauties.

He says, "There will be a bit of a menage a trois scene going on. I hope I'm up for it!"

Britney Spears says she is ready to ''quit'' pop music.The singer, who checked into Malibu's Promises rehab center in February, jokingly revealed her new album has proven so stressful she is considering a new career.

When Britney was asked when fans could hear her new LP, she smiled and replied: "I think I might be quitting!"

The "Toxic" singer, who is set to work with top producer Timbaland on her music comeback, was seen at the Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood undergoing a grueling two-hour dance rehearsal yesterday (April 11, 2007).

Meanwhile, Britney's ex-lover Justin Timberlake has been phoning her to offer a shoulder to cry on.

Justin, who dated Britney for four years before they split in 2002, was so concerned about Britney checking into rehab he contacted her.

He said: "I called her because I am worried about her. She is a great woman. I'm rooting for her. It seems like she is getting everything under control now."

Halle Berry has set herself a deadline to get pregnant by the end of the year.
The "Perfect Stranger" actress, who is dating 31-year-old model Gabriel Aubry, is aware her biological clock is ticking and is determined to conceive in 2007.

Halle, 40, said: "Having children is my next big project. I'm planning on becoming pregnant by the end of the year - it's my age, it's only natural."

The Oscar-winning star insists she and Gabriel are prepared to adopt if their baby-making attempts don't work.

She added: "If it can't happen naturally, Gabriel and I will adopt."

Halle has made no secret of her desire to have a baby in the past, and had vowed to get pregnant before she turned 40 last August.

She told US chat show host Oprah Winfrey: "If there's no serious man in my life when I get to that age, whoever I'm dating at the time, I'll say, 'Hey, would you like to have a baby?'"

Halle even contemplated artificial insemination before she started dating Gabriel.

She said last year: "It looks like the only option I have left is to head for the sperm bank! I've been so desperately unlucky in love and that has thwarted my desire for motherhood. It's so frustrating. I really yearn for a child and I can't wait much longer."

Hey look at the pic ...this boy is Josh Henderson who is new boyfriend of Paris Hilton's .he says says Ashlee Simpson was his first love.The "Desperate Housewives" actor - who began dating the hotel heiress last month - had a two-year relationship with Ashlee and only split from her because he didn't want to appear in her reality TV series, "The Ashlee Simpson Show."

Josh told New magazine: "She was my first love. We talked about the future and marriage and stuff. Back then it was like there was nothing but us. We thought we'd be together forever."

"Finishing with Ashlee was one of the hardest decisions ever."

"I was heartbroken but she'd just got her new program and I knew I didn't want a relationship on TV."

And Paris, 26, had better watch out as the 25-year-old hunk hasn't ruled out reuniting with Ashlee, 22.

He said: "I still care about her loads and I'd never say never."

"She's always been a very special person to me. We're still friends. We meet for dinner now and again."

Friday, April 13, 2007

Gemma Atkinson gets naughty! She is the cover girl of latest edition of Loaded magazine with some nice topless pictures. .

Thursday, April 12, 2007

SYDNEY was seduced into a battle of the bras yesterday, as two of the city's favourite women pushed their sexy lingerie lines.
Supermodel Elle Macpherson went head to head with former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, the face of Lovable lingerie, last night as they both doled out advice in what to look for when buying bras.

The savvy Macpherson, 43, aimed to educate men about the joys of buying lingerie for their partners at a male-only VIP cocktail party at the Harbourside Quay restaurant last night.

"There is nothing more wonderful than someone taking the time and energy to surprise you (with lingerie), but make sure that you get the sizing right," Macpherson said.

"I think it's interesting for men to explore what they like and what they like to see a woman in. It's also about having a bit of fun with it.

"I believe men are courageous and interested and this is why I am doing this."

While the famous covergirl had the influential crowd in the palm of her hand, some men were upset there was not a single lingerie-clad woman to model the sexy range.

Ad man Siimon Reynolds expressed the disappointment of many, saying it was best to choose lingerie after seeing it on a body.

Other power players in the crowd included Seven Network director Ryan Stokes, entrepreneur Justin Hemmes and James Symond, nephew of Aussie Home Loans' John Symond.

On the other side of the city Hawkins caused a crush of excitement at Parramatta Westfield as more than 3500 shoppers flocked to see her host a fashion parade for lingerie chain Bras N Things.

Hawkins gave her advice on spending up on bras as models paraded the goods.

She said the golden rule was to indulge in lace, even if you didn't have a model figure.

"You can wear sexy underwear no matter what size you are," she said.

Hawkins admitted she still gets overwhelmed by all the attention she attracts and said she was "taken aback" by the excitement her appearance at the shopping centre caused.

Later she posed for photographs and signed autographs for almost two hours.

And while fans were breathless in their praise for the "down to earth" glamour, Hawkins revealed she still gets nervous facing a crowd.

"It's very overwhelming. I've only been doing this a little while," she confessed.

Fans began lining up an hour before Hawkins appeared at 6.45pm for a special promotional session to sell her range of bras and lingerie, Lovable.

Those who got to meet their idol were not disappointed.

"She is really nice. She was trying to take a photo for me and was just laughing because she wasn't sure how to take it," said Sophia Wang, 16, from Toongabbie.

"She is just so down to earth – like a normal person."

Earlier in the day Macpherson dropped in to her temporary "pop-up" store in Oxford St, Paddington.

"Pop-up" stores are specialty outlets that open in an otherwise vacant shop space for a limited amount of time.

Elle Macpherson Intimates Boudoir will open for two week

It seems that J.Lo may be closer than anyone thought to divorce if OK! Magazine are to be believed. Apparently Marc is not the sweetheart he makes out to be, and perhaps J.Lo´s stay at home evenings have been caused by jealousy rather than a desire to hone her knitting skills.

It makes sense now as to why Mr and Mrs Lopez were friends with the Cruises for a bit. Just like Tom, Marc likes to keep his lady on a short leash it would appear. According to sources: "Marc is very machismo... "Marc won´t let her even do a photo shoot by herself. He is always there watching, waiting."

I think that is just lovely and sweet, It´s always nice to have a guy around constantly, making sure no other males mount his prize and impregnate her with their seed. It´s just good evolutionary sense I say. J.Lo should accept his dominance and enjoy her role as the alpha female in his life, and they should breed healthy cubs and start a legacy to rule the forests forever

It seems that Jennifer Lopez may be closer than anyone thought to divorce if OK! Magazine are to be believed. Apparently Marc is not the sweetheart he makes out to be, and perhaps Jennifer Lopez stay at home evenings have been caused by jealousy rather than a desire to hone her knitting skills.
It makes sense now as to why Mr and Mrs Lopez were friends with the Cruises for a bit. Just like Tom, Marc likes to keep his lady on a short leash it would appear. According to sources: "Marc is very machismo... "Marc won´t let her even do a photo shoot by herself. He is always there watching, waiting."
I think that is just lovely and sweet, It´s always nice to have a guy around constantly, making sure no other males mount his prize and impregnate her with their seed. It´s just good evolutionary sense I say.
Jennifer Lopez should accept his dominance and enjoy her role as the alpha female in his life, and they should breed healthy cubs and start a legacy to rule the forests forever

Naomi might have learned that it´s not nice to throw cellphones at people, but that doesn´t mean she´s entirely caught up on phone etiquette. She was to be part of a new MTV reality tv series called “The Minion”, where she would scythe through unfortunate candidates while looking for a new personal assistant. Unfortunately the show has been canceled because Naomi decided that she was no longer going to return MTV´s calls.

Perhaps it hasn´t been pointed out to Naomi that MTV is not a man, but a company that will give her lots and lots of money and increase her status as a well recognized celebrity, all the while tearing down any notions of respectability she may have had.

Naomi seems to be a very confusing beast indeed, and poor MTV reps are therefore, very confused. They can´t even work out who her rep is. Apparently several people have been in contact with them regarding the show, though it is still not clear which of these people is her rep. I guess she just decided to hire her own assistant after all.

Not everybody needs plastic like Paris. Some grow them on their own.
I must admit, this particular specimen has grown a magnificent pair.

Haley Scarnato, an American Idol contestant often complimented more for her looks and skimpy fashion choices than her singing ability was kicked from the final eight on the show last night, proving that looks will only get you so far. To be fair, Haley Scarnato seemed like she had a sweet personality and had a few moments of strong singing, but, based on how much less clothing she wore week after week, if Haley had been around for a couple of more episodes, Scarnato would have been pants-less soon.

Of course, this means that Sanjaya Malakar, another American Idol contestant not very well known for their singing ability, is sticking around for another week. Making Howard Stern and fans ecstatic, Sanjaya Malakar didn't even finish in the bottom three after what was actually a pretty good performance of "Besame Mucho" on Tuesday night. Haley Scarnato was joined in the bottom three with the weekly inhabitant Phil Stacey and another contestant who has flirted with going home, Chris Richardson.

Jennifer Lopez helped the singers prepare for Latin night on Tuesday night and performed last night for her first Spanish-language album, which came out on March 27th. Akon also performed last night.

Back to sexy Scarnato, the singer who performed "Turn the Beat Around" on Tuesday night met with a somewhat rude comment from judge Simon Cowell who commented that, based on her short-shorts and blousy top, her strategy was to "Wear the least amount of clothes as possible." Haley Scarnato was clearly a little upset about the comment and the complete lack of a mention about her singing, something she had clearly worked hard on. America decided that Simon was right and that it was time for Haley to go home, as Scarnato became the 5th contestant eliminated from the top 12 of American Idol 6. There is some good news for fans of Haley Scarnato - making the top eight means that she'll be on tour with her fellow finalists this summer. Drop us a line and tell us what she's wearing.

The other two contestants in the bottom three included two takes on Santana tunes. Chris Richardson performed "Smooth" and Phil Stacey took on "Maria Maria." Hint to future contestants - don't try and tackles songs where the guitar work by the band is going to outshine your singing. Chris Richardson was sent back to safety first and you have to think that, unless he really outshines past performances, that Phil Stacey will finally go home next week. He's been near the bottom almost every week of the finals, somehow always finishing second-to-last.

Enough about the bad contestants, who looks like they could actually win American Idol 6? Well, Tuesday night's show was a lackluster one, with only one real standout, Blake Lewis' performance of "I Need to Know" (ironic when you think about the fact that J. Lo's husband, Marc Anthony, sang the song, so maybe Lopez was able to mentor better for a song she was more familiar with than others.) Simon Cowell called Blake Lewis' performance the best of the evening. Also doing well was favorite Melinda Doolittle with a below-average-for-her take on "Sway", LaKisha Jones, and Jordin Sparks. Lewis, Doolittle, Jones, and Sparks have to be the favorites for the top four, but past seasons of American Idol have always been full of surprises.

In interesting American Idol news, ratings for the show were down for the fifth week in a row. Now, the show still rocked the TV world with an average of 26.4 million over the two nights and viewer participation is actually up this year (which could be explained by the thousands of Howard Stern fans voting for Sanjaya Malakar without actually watching the show).

Next week features a country theme with mentoring from Martina McBride, a previous American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood's, favorite singer. Country week has often been a stumbling block for American Idol contestants, so next week should produce some interesting performances. If you believe the pattern, Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson should be most nervous about going home in seventh place, but, as we've seen with the rise of Sanjaya Malakar, anything is possible on American Idol.

Vida Guerra is the Cover Girl of the new issue of ‘King’ magazine.

It is a step down from her Playboy cover, but still she looks hot.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hey U know !! Katie Price the famous UK Jordan has revealed that she is planning to reduce the size of her breasts later this year.

The former glamour model admitted that she wants to treat herself after the birth of her third child in June.

"I am one million per cent having a boob job after the birth. It will be my fourth, but I want new implants, possibly smaller, and to perk them up a bit," Price told The Sun.

"I'm also going to have Botox, the works," she continued. "It's what I’m looking forward to the most."

Price and husband Peter Andre are also hoping to raise their profiles in the US this year. The rights to the three ITV series following their lives have been snapped up by America's E! Entertainment network.

"We're really excited. The only other British couple beginning to make it in America are the Beckhams," Katie explained. "I hear Victoria and David are making a one-hour show. We'll be on eight times a week, with a three-hour show each Saturday.

"At the end of the day she's just a footballer's wife and Pete and I are still individuals in our own right."

Saturday, April 7, 2007

British actress Kate Beckinsale wants to switch bodies with Queen Latifah for a day because she wants to know what it feels like to be big and busty.

The UNDERWORLD star is considered one of the world's great beauties but she's far from satisfied with her small breasts.

She says, "(I'd like to be) someone with gigantic real breasts, like Queen Latifah.

"I'm so fascinated by breasts because my mother didn't have them either. If I had them, I'd run up and down a flight of stairs."

But, though she doesn't like being flat-chested, Beckinsale is proud of her perfect feet - even though they used to frustrate her as a teenager.

The 33-year-old explains, "I remember being 13 and sobbing in a shoe store because I had these freakishly long feet.

"Now, my husband (director LEN WISEMAN) thinks I've got the most attractive feet ever! They just arrived too soon."

Friday, April 6, 2007

GLAMOUR girl Kate Price has admitted she will shrink her whopping 32G boobs once her baby is born.

The sexy model, better known as Jordan, fears her breasts will be drooping round her knees after her latest pregnancy.

So the 28-year-old beauty, who is married to singer Peter Andre, 33, plans to go back under the knife and get her famous assets reduced.

She said: “This time I’m not really enjoying being pregnant. I’m bigger this time and can’t wait for it to come out.

“And I can’t wait to get my boobs done. I’ll get them done a bit smaller.

“I’ve had two boob jobs and three kids. They’ll be down to my knees before I know it!”

And she’s hinted that once she’s had them done she might whip them out again for a photoshoot – even though she’ll be a married mum of three who has not posed topless for two years.

She said: “If the price is right, then ‘The Price’ will do anything!”

Kate, due to give birth in August, makes her boob op confession on Channel 4’s The Charlotte Church Show tonight.

The pair talk babies because singer Charlotte, 21, is also expecting.
Naughty Kate also tells Charlotte she let the cameras film “virtually everything” for her and Peter’s latest ITV reality show.

The Charlotte Church Show is on Channel 4 at 10pm tonight.

When Britney went to her mother's birthday party, she wore a lace dress with a pink bra. Now it's her sister's birthday, and Brit's wearing a see-through top and no bra. Classy!
Brit put on her best Cleopatra makeup, popped on an apple cap with what appears to be a built-in Dynel wig, velveteen hot pants, her always-there cowgirl boots and what looks like a plastic, salmon colored purse... the perfect ensemble to celebrate lil' sis Jamie's 16th birthday at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. Meaty

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Gorgeous Cameron Diaz has bounced back from her break-up with Sexyback singer Justin Timberlake, in the best way possible - by looking better than ever.

The brunette beauty enjoyed yet another day at the beach, this time in beautiful Hawaii, showing off her amazing new muscular physique in a candy-coloured bikini. The actress showed off her stunning gym-honed body as she frolicked in the surf on a beach in Hawaii.

Cameron seems to have developed a more muscular, look, a result of all the time she spends in the gym, but thankfully hasn't succumbed to the Hollywood size zero craze.
The brunette seems to be on an extended vacation of late as she's often pictured surfing or hanging out on the beach with buddy Drew Barrymore.

It's clear that a happy, smiling Cameron is not quite content to 'Cry Me a River' over the death of her relationship with Timberlake, and she's definitely got her sexy back!

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown has given birth to a daughter in California, her publicist said Tuesday.

The baby, who weighs 5 pounds, 4 ounces, was born just after midnight Tuesday at St. John's hospital in Santa Monica, said Nadine Bibi in an e-mail.

"Baby is completely healthy with a good head of hair. Mother and baby are now resting," the statement said. "No name has been decided on as yet, and (she) is purely known as Baby Brown!"

Brown has said ex-boyfriend
Eddie Murphy is the father. The 46-year-old "Dreamgirls" star has said he's not sure. Brown has said there's "absolutely no question that Eddie is the father."

The 31-year-old Brown, known as Scary Spice when she was in the megahit group of the '90s, has an 8-year-old daughter, Phoenix Chi, from her marriage to Jimmy Gulzar.

Gulzar married Brown in 1998 after he had performed on a Spice Girls tour. Their 15-month marriage ended in divorce in 2000.

Murphy's wife, Nicole, filed for divorce in 2005, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple were married in 1993 and have five children.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Singer/actress JENNIFER LOPEZ has joined the ranks of celebrities to hit out against the size zero culture, insisting it's not healthy. The WAITING FOR TONIGHT star is proud of her curvaceous figure, and insists slimming down would be detrimental to her health. She says, "I couldn't ever be a size zero. I don't see how I could get down to that size and still be healthy."

Jennifer Lopez has been accused of "forgetting her roots" by a US Latin music chain, which has removed her CDs from their shelves.

The WAITING FOR TONIGHT singer has been barred from 50 Ritmo Latino stores after failing to promote new Spanish-language album COMO AMA UNA MUJER (HOW A WOMAN LOVES) in the music outlets.

Ritmo president DAVID MASSRY has branded the star's 'Jenny from the Block' persona a fallacy - insisting the star has lost touch with her roots.

He says, "We've supported her from the beginning. Now we're told by her record company she will only visit Anglo retail outlets.

"This is a Spanish-language CD, and if she wants to discriminate against the Latin community, then we will not sell her product.

"This is not the first time this has happened. Celebrities have this notion that when they reach a certain level of crossover appeal, they forget quickly where they started."

Actress Cameron Diaz fears she will be single for a long time after splitting with Justin Timberlake, because "it's hard" finding love as a celebrity.

The pair ended their longterm relationship in January (07). Diaz has since been linked with a number of eligible bachelors, including surfer KELLY SLATER, but she insists she needs time to get over the break up, and more time to find Mr Right.

Diaz says, "I think it's hard out there. You don't fall in love every day, or with every person you meet. It's special. Our world is so complicated in that it does take a lot to make things work. But you can't be happy with someone else until you're happy with yourself."