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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jennifer Aniston has been spending more and more time in the Big Apple and some sources are saying that the Friends star has been looking at properties in anticipation of a move back to New York City that might bethe start of a move to the Broadway stage for the famous TV and film actress. Jennifer Aniston starred on a show set in New York City and has always proclaimed her love for the Big Apple, but Jennifer has been living in Malibu, where she rents a very expensive apartment, for a while now.
Some have wondered why Jennifer Aniston would move back to New York now and suggested that The Break-Up star's apartment search in the city might be linked to a return to the Broadway stage. Jennifer Aniston starred in a one-night only appearance in the show The 24 Hour Plays earlier this month, according to ITV, and recently spent five days in New York on business. A source tells Us, "She's revisiting the Broadway idea."
A source tells Us Weekly about the Jennifer Aniston move - "She feels she needs a boost in her life and she can meet all kinds of people there. And she can meet men."
Us Weekly reports that Jennifer Aniston recently spent five days at the Lowell Hotel and shopped at Hermes for a half hour just before closing time. The magazine also reports that Jennifer Aniston was looking at properties in a building where Harvey Keitel currently resides.
Jennifer Aniston has kind of been under the radar since she broke up with Vince Vaughn and hasn't been seen on the big screen as much as the last few years and has no big projects on the screen on the verge of release. The actress is set to appear on FX's Dirt this weekend (and even lock lips with former co-star Courteney Cox), but she hasn't appeared in a film since last summer's The Break-Up. Jennifer Aniston broke through with Friends after appearing on shows like Ferris Bueller, Quantum Leap, and Herman's Head. She used her Friends super-stardom to move on to films like The Object of My Affection, Office Space, Rock Star, The Good Girl, Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, Derailed, and Rumor Has It. She'll next star in Wanted and The Senator's Wife, although neither has started filming yet. You may see Jennifer Aniston on Broadway before you see her in a movie again.