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Saturday, March 31, 2007

It’s official this time, R&B Celebrity Usher has finally given a statement to MTV saying he is engaged to his long term girlfriend and stylist Tamika Foster and plans to marry by the end of the year. This news is no surprise for our readers as we already wrote about their unconfirmed (at that time) romance. One month ago we were writing about what The New York Post revealed: “it’s 100 percent official. She is wearing a beautiful ring and he’s been introducing her as his fiancée.” The couple, Usher and Tameka have been hiding their romance for over a year and are now they were ready to make it public announcing their wedding.
But is Usher a responsible man? Maybe there is a baby on the way.. but I can’t still see him as a good husband. Usher’ new album will be out in stores by November and it’s probable going to coincide with his wedding. Apparently Tamika’ own mission is to hit the fashion scene with her own designs..