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Monday, March 26, 2007

Actress Halle Berry has one major ambition left to fulfil - become a top golfer.
The Oscar winner has spent time and money attempting to perfect her game, but she's still struggling to "get my brain around it".
Model boyfriend GABRIEL AUBRY is a big help because he's a fan of the sport and a very good golfer, but Berry fears she'll never become one of the boys on the course.

Berry uses old jeans to stay in shape:

She says, "I'm not good at it and it eats me that I can't master it. I even had lessons with DAVID LEADBETTER, one of the best instructors in the world.

"I just want to be a decent golfer and have the guys be happy that I'm with them, not like, 'Oh, damn, here comes Halle.'"

She uses a pair of jeans she wore as a teenager to stay in shape.

The sexy Oscar winner admits she tries the blue jeans on once a year - and, if they fit, she knows she's maintained her perfect look.

She says, "It's my annual test - I try them on once a year, and if I can still fit into them, then all is good in the world."