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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some source says that Lindsay Lohan is broke. How is that possible? In fact alcohol and drugs are pretty expensive, rehab too so, in this case money go fast.

I thought when you make $15 millions a movie you never can go broke, but when you have that much money the standards go up. In LiLo’s case they went sky high.

Not that is our business where her money went to, but when it comes to so much money you just wonder where could they go? So, here is some of her spending:

"She lived for most of last year in Hollywood's opulent Chateau Marmont hotel, spending $450,000 on her $1,200-a-night suite, as well as another £500,000 having chauffeurs on 24-hour standby. Added to that were endless bottles of Cristal champagne at $550 a pop—until the unpaid bills got too much and she was evicted.

Hard-up Lindsay has had to sell both her plush properties—a $2.85MILLION apartment in LA, plus her $1MILLION New York flat—because she could not manage to keep up with the huge mortgage payments.

Another $350,000 has gone on luxury Mercedes and BMWs, followed by huge bills for expensive lawyers to defend her on drink-driving and drugs charges.

She spent $1MILLION on clothes, $70,000 on tanning and hair-styling and well over $500,000 on partying. All this resulted in three separate spells in rehab—racking up bills of $30,000, $45,000 and $62,000 for each stint. "

I bet this Halloween costume was a fortune.