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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Every time I see Kim Kardashian I wonder who she actually is, but never have the time to look up and find out. Why she is famous? Is it for her big assets or for her talent?

It appears that she is one of the three daughters of lawyer Robert Kardashian, which, sorry, I never met.

And now I wonder what the heck she is doing on the catwalk next to the skinny models, which struggle to keep their weight day by day. As far as I know they are not allowed to go over a certain weight and they eat very little and work out very little, avoiding getting too muscular.

So, to go back to the initial idea, what the…Kim Kardashian is doing on a catwalk? Just because she has a sex tape and a big ass she is entitle to be next to the hard working models?

Sorry guys and girls but it’s not right.

Kim Kardashian at 2B Free Spring Collection Fashion Show, looking fat.