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Monday, October 8, 2007

Jennifer Lopez can’t hide it anymore is obvious and everybody is talking about her pregnancy. Her new fashion style is giving her up, and more than that even her bigger boobs agree with our diagnostic. She is very much pregnant with twins.

On Ok! Magazine :

"Jennifer is having twins, and she's over the moon about it," a source close to the singer reveals exclusively to OK!. "She is absolutely glowing with happiness. She's spending time relaxing with Marc and enjoying being pregnant, which is something she has always wanted."

So, why denying when that’s is what you want? I think they are both nuts, I am talking about the grown ups, Jennifer and Mark Anthony and not the kids, which we don’t know much about, only the fact that are on their way in few months.

No wonder they still together, those two. They have something in common, craziness, not the good kind, but the stupid one.