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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Well, she had it coming and we all new it. Probably Britney Spears thought this will never happen to her, but it did.

Maybe this wakes her up for once and she opens her eyes and realizes what is going on with her life.
Yesterday she applied for a driving license, after she bumped into two cars and had to handle her kids over her ex, Kevin Federline who has full time custody to their kids.
Britney and her ex husband were ordered to prove they both have a valid driving license by Monday.

He said, "We weren't able to prove compliance with what the judge ordered."

"Specifically, the judge ordered that by 10 a.m. (Monday) morning, both parties show valid California driving licenses. I've been unable to produce evidence of that."

"There was a claim by Mr. Federline's attorney that she had not complied with a previous order the court had made – before I came on board (as lawyer) – about having a random drug and alcohol test."

"There's no evidence that she actually failed a test."