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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Well, here she is with a 5 or 6 months baby bump, which can't be hidden anymore.

Jennifer Lopez and her hubby can’t deny it any longer. I could’ve bet she is pregnant. The pregnant breasts never lie.

Here are the pictures that published today, featuring Jennifer Lopez showing off her belly during a concert stop at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut on Wednesday night.


"The show was most memorable for an incident that occurred with the Latin diva.

During JLo’s third song, poor Lopez almost fell off the stage while singing (she actually kept singing the entire time, being the pro that she is)!

After the song was over she told the crowd she was fine! She said, “That was for Marc” and “I’m ok, that could have been ugly, but it wasn’t.”

We’re very relieved she didn’t fall. Though we hope that footage ends up on YouTube ASAP!"