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Friday, August 17, 2007

Oprah Winfrey showed her gratitude and appreciation in a big way, as big as $65,000. We all know she is an angel with a big heart. Many people have better lives because of her. So, this time she offered as a bonus for overtime $65,000 to a hard-working stuff member, according to NYPost.

OPRAH Winfrey may employ lots of hard workers, but staffers at Harpo Inc. are grumbling that the star's production company allowed one well-connected assistant to rake in astounding, nearly impossible-to-accumulate overtime - worth a whopping $65,000 - in just 16 weeks.

According to one Harpo employee, Carla Bird, the girl Friday to Oprah's TV co-executive producer Lisa Erspamer, filed for 800 hours of overtime from January through April of this year.

"Many of our employees contribute significant hours of overtime during our production season. This is quite common within the television industry," she told Page Six.

"From January to April 2007, this employee legitimately accumulated approximately 800 hours of overtime."


    • Anonymous Says:
      August 24, 2007 at 1:22 PM

      Top Ten Reasons To Tell When Carla Bird Is Your Friend:
      10.) Your back aches from the knife wounds from her stabbing repeatedly.
      9.) Your bank account is missing large amounts of money for her "time" dedicated to your friendship. Hey Lisa take notice of that!
      8.) When you listen to people your eyes glaze over just like hers when you are talking.
      7.) You learn to walk lightly on the many eggshells -- you never know what might set her off.
      6.) Your bullshit meter goes off the chart every time she opens her mouth.
      5.) You see Mercedes and you want to slit your wrists!!!!
      4.) Flowers. You get random flowers daily because you're "nice?" ROFLMAO yeahhhhh righhhhhhhtttttt!
      3.) You think your shit doesn't stink. But it does. Really. No, seriously take a wiff!
      2.) You start wearing leotards and leg warmers because... well, actually I have no idea why. Flashdance was a great movie but to dress like that? yikes!

      And the number one reason to tell when Carla Bird is your friend:

      1.) Oprah asks you for a loan because Carla stole all of her money!  

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