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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Naomi might have learned that it´s not nice to throw cellphones at people, but that doesn´t mean she´s entirely caught up on phone etiquette. She was to be part of a new MTV reality tv series called “The Minion”, where she would scythe through unfortunate candidates while looking for a new personal assistant. Unfortunately the show has been canceled because Naomi decided that she was no longer going to return MTV´s calls.

Perhaps it hasn´t been pointed out to Naomi that MTV is not a man, but a company that will give her lots and lots of money and increase her status as a well recognized celebrity, all the while tearing down any notions of respectability she may have had.

Naomi seems to be a very confusing beast indeed, and poor MTV reps are therefore, very confused. They can´t even work out who her rep is. Apparently several people have been in contact with them regarding the show, though it is still not clear which of these people is her rep. I guess she just decided to hire her own assistant after all.