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Monday, April 2, 2007

Singer/actress JENNIFER LOPEZ has joined the ranks of celebrities to hit out against the size zero culture, insisting it's not healthy. The WAITING FOR TONIGHT star is proud of her curvaceous figure, and insists slimming down would be detrimental to her health. She says, "I couldn't ever be a size zero. I don't see how I could get down to that size and still be healthy."

Jennifer Lopez has been accused of "forgetting her roots" by a US Latin music chain, which has removed her CDs from their shelves.

The WAITING FOR TONIGHT singer has been barred from 50 Ritmo Latino stores after failing to promote new Spanish-language album COMO AMA UNA MUJER (HOW A WOMAN LOVES) in the music outlets.

Ritmo president DAVID MASSRY has branded the star's 'Jenny from the Block' persona a fallacy - insisting the star has lost touch with her roots.

He says, "We've supported her from the beginning. Now we're told by her record company she will only visit Anglo retail outlets.

"This is a Spanish-language CD, and if she wants to discriminate against the Latin community, then we will not sell her product.

"This is not the first time this has happened. Celebrities have this notion that when they reach a certain level of crossover appeal, they forget quickly where they started."