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Friday, September 21, 2007

Britney Spears might go to jail and lose her kids forever if she doesn’t obey the judge orders, which asked her to take parenting classes and don’t drink any alcohol 12 hours before seeing the kids. But Britney can stay away from clubs and alcohol, which is pretty bad in her situation.

Attorney John Schweitzer was telling the Star Magazine his opinion about all this:

On ignoring the judge’s orders
By going out like this she is really running the risk of losing custody of her kids. The judge is now going to watch very move she makes. The judge gets the newspaper like everyone else and he will take something like this into consideration until his final ruling is made.

On the legal consequences Britney could face:
Some of the punishments could include holding her in contempt of court, which could result in a fine, imprisonment or both. Or, the judge gives more visitation rights to the other parent, in this case Kevin, or, he can take the children away if he feels Britney is not focusing on the best interest of the children.”

On what Britney should do to keep her kids
f I were her lawyer I would tell her to lie low, stay in the house and spend time reading to her sons and doing arts and craft projects with them to enforce learning and bonding.

I hope she is reading the news and take in consideration what the attorney was saying for her kid’s sake. But maybe they are better off with their father, we can not know that.

Anyway she gets what she deserves. When you can control the situation you take charge, so should Britney, before it’s too late.

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