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Saturday, July 21, 2007

As much as I don’t like Victoria Beckham, I think that these pictures are totally fake. It’s impossible for a 33 years old woman who was never fat to have these kind of legs. I true that the cellulite it’s everywhere no matter how skinny you are, but to have it that bad when you are that skinny it can’t be. And one more thing, why is only one leg looking that bad and the other one is perfect?

That scary leg is got to belong to a 90 years old woman. Why wear short skirts when your legs look so bad. She can’t afford that kind of exposing. So, the pictures got to be fake and the proof is her right leg. There suppose to be the same, as long as she didn’t suffer any kind of accident as burning or something like that.

Don't hate her because she is beautiful, hate her because she is a ... I don't know choose the reason.