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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It appears that somebody had to replace Lindsay Lohan in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, so who could've do it better than The Hot Chick - Rob Schneider (Deuce Bigalow). Dressed and wearing the right accessories here he/she is.

E!Online reports:

"Deuce Bigalow star replaced Lohan on today's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno because, well, you know, Lohan had to cancel because of her DUI problems.

As planned, Schneider did it in drag as Lohan. I'm told he wore a blond wig, hoop earrings, a black dress and a gold necklace. His version of Lohan's infamous alcohol-monitoring device was actually a flask strapped to his ankle, an eyewitness reports.

Schneider decided to ditch the powdered sugar ideas I told you about just a few hours ago.

At one point, I'm told Leno showed one of the photos of Lohan from this past weekend posing in a bikini in Malibu. Schneider's face was superimposed on L.Lo's.

Schneider also cracked, my source says, that he—or is it she?—was up very late last night and that when he/she asked his/her assistant last night to fetch a Diet Coke, she brought another kind of coke instead.

Schneider's Lohan appearance airs tonight."