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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Paris Hilton younger brother, Barron, got mugged in New York City near Penn Station at 5 am Monday morning.

Chased away by the bodyguards of Stereo nightclub, being underage, Barron Hilton and few friends were attacked by some guys having a knife.

The Page Six of New York Post reports:

"They were all underage and they hung around for a while trying to get in the club," said an eyewitness.
"They were waiting outside Stereo. Eventually they all left together at around 4 a.m.

"An hour later, two security guards from Stereo were driving by Penn Station on their way home and they saw Barron and his friends. Then they saw two muggers confronting the group, and they all got out. One had a knife and was trying to get money out of the kids.

"One guy had Barron at knifepoint, and the guards got out and chased away the guy with the knife. The attackers didn't get any money," said the witness.

"Eventually Barron and his friends all piled into a cab." The insider added that the guards recognized Barron because "he tries to get into Stereo all the time."

So, watch out kids! stay at home, don't walk around so late at night.

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