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Friday, June 1, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's decided after everything that was going on lately into her life to check-in to a rehabilitation center, but this could be the most expensive stay in rehab ever… the Daily News Columnist estimates.

Her 21st Birthday is coming, in fact is on July 2nd , and she could lose a tone of money in sponsorship for the event plus she is jeopardizing film roles.

Sveska Vodka is the first sponsor to back away from her upcoming birthday. Others prospective partners, including the Social House restaurant at Treasure Island (in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace and Pure nightclub, are wondering whether it makes sense for the star to head to Sin City straight out of rehab.

When David Letterman asked if is a good idea to celebrate her birthday in Las Vegas Lindsay Lohan replied, "Probably not. But ... I've never been allowed out anywhere in Las Vegas. They're so strict there."
One insider was saying: "Rules are much stricter in Vegas than in New York or L.A. because we have casino gaming [licenses]. When Ashlee Simpson did her 21st at Pure, they had to keep her on the red carpet literally until 12:01 a.m. on the day of her birthday."

Well, life is tough as it is; don’t make it tougher with your stupidity.

They have to pay somehow for the stupid things they do and for the fact that they are role models for some kids, which idolizes them. But what they get in return? A bad example which is followed by the weakest ones.

It's so easy to be bad, you have to try hard to be nice and make the best out of it, whatever that is.