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Friday, January 11, 2008

The reality TV Star and hip-hop fashion queen Kimmora Lee Simmons took her clothes off for PETA. She is the “Angel For Dogs” and through her campaign next to her dog Zoe tries to convince people to make dogs a part of their families and their lives.

“You cannot just chain up an animal. The chains are heavy, it’s cruel. Dogs need to run and play. Everybody should do the best they can, because a lot of little ‘best-you-cans’ add up to a lot of saved animals.”

Well, I definitely agree with all this. I love animals and I hate see them suffering. Leaving dogs or cats in cold weather or rain, not feed, chained up or in cages is just cruel and if you can’t take care of a pet don’t get it. Leave somebody else have it.

Just think about how you would feel if you would have a master who would treat you bad, not feeding you and all the things mention above. Nobody is forced to love animals, but if you have one treat it the best you can.