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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eva Longoria talks about how her life want to be with her new husband in the new issue of Self magazine, for which she’ll be the cover girl next month. In the interview with the magazine The Desperate Housewife reveals her future plans and how she and Tony Parker keep things romantic and fresh and how she keeps her body toned:

Eva on how she caters to her husband: “Some people commute to work in a car. I commute by plane about three times a week. Even if I have one day off, I’m in Texas. We’re so excited to be married. I’m like: ‘Hi, husband’, and he’s like: ‘Hi, wife.’ There’s a sense of: ‘Wow, our lives are going on to the next step’.”

Eva on how she cannot wait until her Desperate Housewives contract ends: “Tony and I want healthy children, as many as we can have - three, four, five. We think about adopting too. We’ll wait a year and see. I want to work as much as I can now and pay my dues so later I can focus on my family and enjoy the fruits of my labour.”

Eva on her strict workout routine: “I love my trainer, Patrick Murphy, but I hope every day that he cancels - that he gets stuck in traffic and doesn’t come. But I get really skinny when I don’t work out. When I do, I think: ‘I worked out today. I can do anything’.”

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